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The 10,000th post WTF is wrong with MegaManFan Contest


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I figured in honor of this ignomious achievment I should do some sort of significant contest. The problem is I'm not as good as Ben at creating mind-bending, colossally challenging puzzles, and I don't want to just throw this away on something like "10th or 100th person to respond wins" either.


So in what might be a first for the contest forum or for AtariAge contests as a whole, I'm creating something so bizarre it will have you scratching your head and asking "WTF is wrong with MegaManFan?" (That is, if you weren't already from the fact I have 10,000 posts.) I'm having the "Create a Contest" contest.


No, I'm not kidding.


There will be two winners to this WTF is wrong with MMF contest. The first winner will be the entrant who comes up with the most creative contest for giving away a free prize (video game or related). I may enlist someone for help judging which one is the best contest, someone far wiser or with far more status on these boards than me, such as Albert or CPUWIZ, if they are willing. Otherwise I could be accused of bias in picking the best contest if the winner also happened to be a good friend of mine. The prize for designing the best contest is as yet undetermined, but I'm sure that for the winner it won't be a waste of his/her time at all.


The second prize will of course be the actual contest that someone else designed for the demented mind of Mr. MMF. To be fair, the prize awarded in the contest designed for the contest will not be of greater value than the prize awarded in this contest. Confused? So am I. Suffice it to say one prize won't be vastly superior to the other or vice versa.


So if you think you're up to the challenge, start designing a contest to win this contest. I may be demented, I may be crazy, I may even think I'm funny when I'm really not, but the one thing that's no joke here is that two actual prizes will be awarded - one for designing the contest, and one for the winner OF the designed contest. I have to say though that the winner of the first contest is automatically ineligible to win in the second contest, since he/she designed it his or herself of course. That would be cheating. :D

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Here is an idea for your contest...


A 2600 picture guessing game, like the thread here:





You could have about 20-25 pictures, each one representing a different game.


The contestants would have a limited amount of time to peruse the pictures and then submit, via PM only, a list of their guesses as to which game each picture represents. Allow the contestants to submit only one entry for the contest.


The contest can then be scored by the number of correct entries. If there is a tie, the tie can be broken by the time/date the entries were submitted.



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"The most screens competition"


Give people a month to photograph Atari 2600 games running on as many different TVs, monitors, projectors or screens as they can. They must be in each photo and photos should be recent (might include a newspaper dated after the start of the contest). Games can be emulated, but should be functioning (not just a still shot).

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There have been a LOT of great contest ideas so far! :thumbsup:


I suppose I should set a deadline for when you have to have your contest ideas in. Let's say 10 days from the start of this thread (to the same hour and minute of that day as post #1). I still haven't enlisted help in judging the contests yet, but I'll work on that. :D

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How about a "name that cart" contest, where you have to guess what a cart is based on either a screenshot taken with a flash in a brightly lit room on an old TV tuned between channels, or a fuzzy, out of focus shot taken of the cart itself at an angle. Or, similarly, a "name that Atari item" contest, where a very close-up shot is taken of a piece of Atari gaming hardware, and you have to figure out what it is.


Ian Primus


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I still haven't enlisted help in judging the contests yet, but I'll work on that. :D
how about enlisting the help of the winner of phase 1 of the contest tp help decide the winner of phase 2?


That would be fine! I still need help judging the entries for phase 1 though. :D

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Hmmm. How about a "Garbled Game" contest? Take an Atari cart and put it in the machine, then "fry" it by flipping the power button on and off rapidly. Then, show a pic of the garbled screen and have everyone guess what game it is.


Another possiblity. Show a screenshot of a single sprite from a game, then have everyone guess what game it's from.

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I don't know how swifty you are at working with graphics but it might be cool to post a bunch of screen shots, say 10 or more, of different Atari games but give them a little tweak. Put something out of place, missing or extra, wrong color, the possibilities are pretty limitless. Then the contest is, obviously, guessing what's wrong.


I think this one would be good because it would encourage actually playing the games, and paying attention to details of gameplay. I know this one could end up being a lot of work but I'm sure you'd find plenty of volunteers to help out. Myself included.

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