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RELEASE: Canada Mortgage and Loan Amortization Program v1.00 by 9T9 Assembly Sig via GaryOPA

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Canada Mortgage and Loan Amortization Program


There been recently a lot of discussion about Floating Point Math and its usage, so I thought it would be good to dust off this program that was written back in 1992 by the 9T9 Assembly Sig, which used to meet monthly, and basically work on learning the TI99/4a TMS9900 Assembly Language system and how to use all the various hardware features of our beloved Texas Instruments Home Computers.


Members of this "special interest group" which was part of the 9T9 Toronto User's Group, included me Gary Bowser, and Cecil G. Chin, and Ralph, Randy, Steve, Neil. -- We are all still kicking around except for Neil he passed away a few years ago, but over the couple of years that the group meet it produced some amazing programs, and with proper permission I will slowly be releasing some of the programs that were generated.


Today, May The Force Be With You, we bring you wrap-speed Math in Assembly that uses the library routines found in the console rom and grom 0 to properly calculate the interest payments on that new intergalactic star-ship you just bought that will take you until the next galaxy wars to start paying off the principal amount after mountains of interest payments! :)






* CANMORTLAP  v1.00.9201.15 by 9T9 Assembly Sig *
*                                               *
* Canada Mortgage and Loan Amortization Program *
*                                               *
* (c)1992 By O.P.A & 9T9 Assembly Sig & GaryOPA *
*                                               *
* Released on: May  4st, 2024 by Gary Bowser    *
* Uploaded to: TI99.AtariAge.com via GaryOPA    *
* Mirrored to: gary99opa GitHub Repositories    *
*                                               *
* MORT-S    -> The Assemble Source Code File    *
* MORT-MAIN -> Main Mortage and Loan Program    *
* MORT-BLWP -> Commonly Used BLWP/EA Library    *
* MORT-UTIL -> Various Utilities/Subroutines    *
* MORT-DATA -> Data Block after the Program!    *
* MORT-TEXT -> Text Block after the DataArea    *
*                                               *


GITHUB LINK: https://github.com/gary99opa/canmortlap



CANMORTLAP.dsk CanMortLap-Source-Files-Only.zip CanMortLap_1_00_GaryOPA_05_04_2024.zip

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