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Can BASIC auto-run a startup program?

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11 hours ago, Kchula-Rrit said:

Title says it-- can Console BASIC auto-start an assembly program from disk or Nano-PEB on boot?

I want to write a program to test my ROM/RAM cartridge and figured the easiest way is if BASIC can auto-start it.



Wouldn't a program that runs from the cartridge be the most obvious way to test it?

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What is with Basic, it is slow and sucks! XB is way faster and can auto start plus load multiple programs.

RXB has CALL USER which is better than DOS as it can run XB programs, Assembly Programs and LINKs and even SAMS too!

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The other way of doing this if you want to run code to test a new cartridge is with a 32k. Use a cartridge like XB to load in code into the 32k then with the reset disabled on your new cartridge is unplug the xb carefully and insert your new cartridge once your test program is running which of course has to be all assembly.


This is similar to how cartridge dumper software work with the cartridge reset line disable.

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