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Anyone here happen to own a 2600 Jr?

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Hi everyone, so some of you know I have my 2600 MCP that's available now, but I'm learning of variations of the original that I never owned or have come across.  Does anyone here happen to own one of these?  I just want to test to see if it fits right.  I had good luck with the first version with the light sixer, vader, and 7800..  but then I discovered the Coleco Gemini which totally didn't and I had to revise it accordingly.  



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2 hours ago, wavemotion said:

Wish I had known a few months back..

Yea I'm learning so much in real time, a few months back I wasn't even working on 2600 MCP :)   Always learning something new about this product or that.  I'd hardly remembered the Jr. was even a thing.  

I also need to dig out my Coleco 2600 expansion module to test that too..  Just to know for sure it works well with it.  I'm still grateful you had that Gemini I could test with and yes I was able to adapt the case to work with it, but no way i could have done that without the hardware in my hands! 

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Don’t have a Jr, but them come up on Goodwill’s online website pretty regularly.


They usually go for about $35-$45 and come with a couple accessories and games. With shipping of $9-15. Dont overpay though, there are reports of shadow fake bidders from the sellers themselves, and if you wait a few weeks you will se another one for sale.

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1 minute ago, CapitanClassic said:

Goodwill’s online website pretty regularly.

I should search that site more often. 


thankfully i found one for $25 (with shipping) as just the unit "untested" but it looks like it's in great shape.  will test if it works but even if it doesn't $25 was a good impulse buy price point.  I offered $24 so it was like $25.50 after tax.  



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So it arrived and..


1. i'm happy to report that it works.  just missing standard 2600 PSU.. 


2. i'm happy to find out that the 2600 junior work with the 2600 MCP fine.  it feels a hair more shallow than some of the other 2600s but the opening of the junior still holds onto the mcp so carts don't bring the MCP with it.  

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