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Feature request: Autoload games

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Here a request for some nice feature:


- If "autoload.j64" start uppon boot w/o menu showing unless:

 - A/B/C pressed => menu

 - 0..9 pressed => start game 0_*.j64 to 9_*.j64


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The autobooting stuff is already present via autoexec.inf. You can add an image to display as well as a ROM to load.


Example autoexec.inf:



Where E2S is 0:128,1:512,2:2048.


It will display an image called title.pal or title.ntsc (depending on console region) which is in the root. The image should be 162 (NTSC) or 188 (PAL) pixels high and 256 pixels wide as 16bpp rgb.


I have now added in the ability to hold down 0-9 and it will load /autoboot.[0-9] should you have some favorites.


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