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Anyone in the area interested in learning/mentoring to code homebrew games? (regardless of platform)

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So @timdu and I have been wanting to make video games ourselves and with this bi-monthly event, it made me wonder if it might not be a bad thing to devote some aspect of this to collaborative efforts of folks in the area who'd like to learn how to make games.  Now there are so many different platforms / languages / etc..  however, I thought at least in this thread of folks voiced the platform(s) they are interested in making games on, we might find some common ground here and perhaps work out another event that caters to coding, or even maybe just a facet of the bi-monthly swap meet.  So I'll start:



I'm interested in making games for the Intellivision using IntyBasic (a modern high performance compiled language that makes development easier for that system and there are books on it)..  plus it has JLP support which means you could make games with save/load points.  I find the idea of making games that could have save points / high scores / inventory very appealing.



Odyssey 2 (assembly)

Colecovision (with the upcoming ColecoBasic language from the creator of Intybasic (Nanochess)

2600 (I have a book on this, but nose bled last time i read it so i'm not going to be a good lead person on this platform..lol)



Some of you are also already accomplished developers so maybe you would be interested in sharing some starter insights for beginners to get started.  Not asking or expecting anyone to actually TEACH this stuff, but I think for a lot of beginners, it's just getting started and kinda knowing how say, a hello world program looks and how someone might go from that to something as "simple" as moving a box on a screen with a joystick.  this kind of primer can help give people a good starting point.



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