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How do you burn a homebrew batari rom to a cartridge?


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I've been playing with batari for a little bit and have also tested my learnings on real hardware with an uno cart and an original 2600. Before I go any further I want to make sure I can actually get this onto a standalone cartridge. I've been searching quite heavily and haven't found any step by step guide about the sourcing of pcbs or chips and the steps to put it on a cartridge. I needed to use the superchip ram as it's asymmetrical and uses all the available screen lines as well so I'm most interested in Sara/superchip donor carts (e.g. super football, dig dug, etc) or some modernized (and cheap) equivalent. Hopefully something I can buy from eBay or manufacture with PCBWay. I'm comfortable desoldering/soldering etc so that's also not a concern.


Any help would be appreciated. I'd be happy to write a modern guide myself if I can get this accomplished.

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