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Atari Fans Spent $1000 On 50th XP Collection Only To Find Two Of Its Games Are Broken


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On 5/18/2024 at 7:29 PM, Video said:

Don't get me wrong, plenty of people PLAY Atari games, make no mistake about that. I'm just saying, had I bought Atari 50, my copy would likely be a shelf sitter, as I already own the games from way back. Yes getting a shiny new copy of a game rules, but unless its something I didn't already own (dark chambers for instance) there's little reason to buy a game I already have, outside to say I have it, or as a display piece.

Atari 50 has a ton of video and archival content. It isn't just a bucket of games ... and it has games from platforms that are much less common (it isn't just 2600 and 7800 games). Plus and a handful of new games created by Digital Eclipse. There is a lot of content and context there, which is why it got such amazing reviews. Not for everyone, sure, but I wouldn't want people to think it is just a folder of old games, it is way more than that.

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21 hours ago, MrBeefy said:

The reason I asked if an enemy could gather them is if you (or an enemy) ran over the space where the chad should be, would it remove it from the board?


In one instance it appeared you somehow got an outside of the board chad.

Yeah, I know what part of the video you mean, but that is coincidence I think. So far attempting to re-cover the map finely hasn't resulted in being able to progress.

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Oh, my mistake. I thought the topic was referencing the Atari 50 collection of 2600 carts that was just 10 (mostly common) 2600 games. That was my reference. Yeah the modern console 50th collection is amazing, and I did think about the 50th arcade machine, which I assumed was just a pc in an arcade machine, still pretty cool though. To bad if that's broke, as I'd assume it was a pc or console version of Atari 50.


God, maybe more names to differentiate the different products, even if their the same base.

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An update on the preorder XP carts. I am cautiously optimistic that the first wave of preordered XP carts will ship in July. I need another week or so to know if it is early July or later in the month.

An update on the 7800 accessories and games for the 2600+. I had earlier shared that these were on the water ... that is still the case. We expect delivery of inventory for both Amazon and Atari in the last week of June followed quickly by distribution to customers.


An update on the non-working XP carts. I gave Al my Gravitar XP cartridge to dissect, which I believe is underway. We have not been able to find any additional examples of Haunted House cartridges not working. I am hoping we will have an answer to the cause of the Crystal Castles issue maybe next week or the week after. Not a solution for impacted customers yet, but that would be the next step after a definitive diagnosis. So we continue to work on this.

When I have more updates I will share them in this thread.


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