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Find Kepone a new avatar..win a 5200 game


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I've decided to start another contest out of sheer boredom.


As you can see, I no longer have an avatar.


I need someone to come up with a witty and original avatar for me to use.


The prize is a loose copy of Star Trek: S.O.S for the Atari 5200. It works and the only reason I'm getting rid of it is because I recently acquired a boxed copy.


Post your avatar images here and the winner will be determined when I find an image that I like.


Have fun! Go nuts! :ponder:

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Kepone, is the wierd cat picture good? I can make it shorter, just wondering if I really needed to do it.


It is ok the way it is.


I'm extremely picky so it will be a while before I pick a winner. You can post as many entries as you like and I'll pick an avatar that I like.

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I'm not up to spending the time to create this, but how about  




The the I being the Atari logo or something along those lines given your interest in Punk music?[/b]


I dunno man.


I was just trying to find a good way to give away a 5200 game so I started this contest. Eh well.


Kepone is not my real name so no need to worry about using that in an avatar.

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