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What would River Raid be like with horizontal action on the 2600?


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What would a River Raid be like with horizontal action and featuring current things like drones?

I still have a problem ramdomizing the screens, which I haven't found a solution for yet, but I hope to resolve this in the future.


I don't intend to make this a complete game, it's just a proof of concept that I can improve in future source code builds.

After all, River Raid is an absolute and irreplaceable classic, an incredible work, masterfully created by Carol Shaw.

And one of my favorites on the Atari 2600, without a doubt.



Captura de tela_2024-05-13_01-41-06.png

Captura de tela_2024-05-12_15-49-40.png


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Changing the background scene, with a little diversity.
For now this is just a proof of concept using sprites from River Raid, but if the future allows I think about turning this into a new game, without any relation to the classic River Raid, sprites, concept, etc.

Captura de tela_2024-05-14_19-38-46.png


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