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Atari 7800 UAV Svideo/Composite Console , Edladdin SuperTwin 78, QuadTari, CX30 & CX40 Best Electronics Gold, Concerto Cart

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I have a few Items for sale.  Raising some funds to help my daughter with College Tuition.



Atari 7800 UAV Modded and Recapped, Power modded, Svideo and Composite Output(Purchased Modded from Ebay 2022).  $120 Shipping Included.(sold)


Edladdin Super Twin 78 Arcade Controller(Purchased New 2022) $145 Shipped.


QuadTari(Purchased New 2023) $35 Shipped.


Atari CX30(Purchased New 2023) Paddles Gold Upgraded from Best Electronics $40 Shipped. (Sold)


2- Atari CX40(Purchased New 2023) Gold Upgraded from Best Electronics with 7ft long Shipped $85 shipped.(Sold)


Concerto Cartridge loaded with games and Homebrews for the 7800 & 2600  $60 Shipped(sold)



Thanks for looking and have a good day!










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8 minutes ago, groundtrooper said:

Man, the paddles went fast. I could have used a second set of Best Paddles. I guess it will have to be part of my next order to get to a threshold. 

Yeah those sold in 15 minutes. That’s kind of amazing really.  

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