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SID inside a children's toy?

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No, most likely not. To begin with, Commodore very sparingly sold their custom chips to third party manufacturers, even as late as 1990. Also the sound seems a bit too rough to be SID.


Here is a schematic for the Tyco Hot Keys. Indeed there is a 28-pin custom IC there:


However if we compare with the SID pinout, there are some strange things going on:



Pin #3 (filter capacitor #2) tied to ground.

Pins #4 and #5 (filter capacitor #2 and reset signal) connected through a resistor, two capacitors and a crystal.

Pins #6 - #9 (Phi/2 oscillator, R/W flag, Chip Select and A0, lowest bit on the address bus) also combined in a circuit.

Pin #23 (POT Y) tied to ground.

Pin #24 (POT X) connected to VCC through a resitor, capacitor to ground.


None of the data lines (15-22) appears to be connected per the Tyco schematic.


Nope, this most probably was a custom IC, or something completely different.

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2 hours ago, carlsson said:

Nope, this most probably was a custom IC, or something completely different.

Indeed.  Either a custom chip for the product or some esoteric custom chip for the toy genre.  I was thinking it could be an AY (like an AY-3-8912,) but the pin usage does not line up there, either.


EDIT: Looking at the schematic, is almost has to be a custom chip as it is the only chip in the system.  It handles LEDs, key input, and audio output.  This tells me it must be an MPU of some sort.

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