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LUNA EXPLORER: A better Moon Patrol in XB256

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L U N A  E X P L O R E R

In the early 80's one of my favorite arcade games was MOON PATROL by Irem.  That was, until Atarisoft / Williams did a conversion for the TI99/4a.
What a disappointment that was, I don't know if the programers were not given enough time and resources or if they were just lazy.  I used to joke that I could do better in BASIC.

Well, 42 years later and now in my 70's, with the help of classic99 and Harry Wilhelm's XB256  (I used nearly all of his SubPrograms)  and StevB's MuseScore4a for the tunes. I may have come close to it.


Luna explorer is a Moon Patrol clone written in XB256 extended & expanded BASIC.  It runs on CLASSIC 99 WITH CPU OVERDRIVE ON! (unless you enjoy slide shows).  Does it run on a real machine?  I haven't got a clue.

There are 5 files below:  

LUNAEXPLORER.TXT IS THE extended BASIC listing that can be copied & pasted into Classic99/XB256.  XB256 MUST loaded and overdrive on.
LUNAEXP_REM.TXT is the same text file but with all my original REM statements in place so that if you want to, you can 'follow along at home'  This file is TOO LARGE and will not run due to OUT OF MEMORY MESSAGES.

LUNA4-X is the compiled & assembled version on the game with an XB loader.  XB256 not required. load with OLD DSKx.LUNA4-X then RUN with OVERDRIVE OFF.

LUNACART.BIN and LUNA-G.BIN are both compiled & assembled versions in CARTRIDGE format.  OVERDRIVE OFF


Here are the files and some screenshots:


all the best,

Syd Michel

TI User Group UK member



SCREEN 2.jpg

SCREEN 3.jpg

SCREEN 4.jpg

SCREEN 5.jpg


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@syd michel Very impressive.  Moon Patrol was a machine that took many of my quarters BITD.  

I actually like the TI AtariSoft version.  Not perfect. (Collision detection is not great). Your Buggie and animation(s) are better!


I hope you don't mind a little feedback.


This is just preference; I don't like the key choices.  Not used to these at all.  LOL

If you add Joystick, I could play with the arrow keys and Q for fire.  I am used to this from every other TI game.


I think the jump mechanics need some tweaks.  That is, the faster the Buggie is going, the further the jump should carry.

This is no big deal as we can speed up the Buggie after jumping.  Just not what I am used to doing.


I may change your keys and play more to see more of the game.  I am not getting too far currently.


I love the graphics and music.  Again, VERY impressed.


Glad you joined Atariage and posted your work.  Looking forward to other games you post.

Also, the various files to DL are great. I will look over your REMARKED text file later.


Like I said, I didn't get far.  Maybe 4 check points based on score. I am very interested in what is coming as I progress.


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