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Game Idea: Battle Tic Tac Toe 2600


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I was playing the minigames of nhl hitz 2003 the other day with a couple of friends when we came across a really fun game. It was a cross between hockey and tic tac toe. The basic game was you would choose where you wanted to place your x or o by pressing a direction and then the shoot button (up moved to the top center, diagonal up+right shot in the upper right, etc) and your opponent could block an area by pushing a direction and the vutton. If the shooter picked an area that the opponent didn't block then he would get the space. The minigame had the ability to change a square from an x to an o (or vice versa) which kind of ruined some strategy.


I think this would make a great 2600 game Battle Tic Tac Toe. You could have a variation where you couldn't change your opponents square, and you could have a version where you could change an opponents square. It would be great if it could be a single player game as well as a two player game. If I could program I would do this game, but unfortunately I cannot and I have no time in the foreseeable future to go through Andrew Davie's programming tutorials. Is there anybody who would be interested in doing this project feel free to email me or simply post here.



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