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Controller Charging Deck.

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1 hour ago, guitarmas said:

Thanks for the reply.

That looks really nice. 

I need one that will fit im my entertainment center though. I should've been more specific. 


That really does look nice though. 


I am a sucker for looking at tv reflections.

It appears your entertainment center sits in a laundry room of sort?

Doesn’t it get too humid when you run washer/dryer?

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Posted (edited)

Looks like it would fit with ease. It's nearly exactly as tall as a PS4 game case and as deep as one. But if you want a horizontally oriented charger, there looks to be plenty of options. Here's one that seems to be well liked, low priced (so you could double up since it looks like you have four Dual Shock 4's), and potentially a good fit since the shelf looks to be pretty deep so you don't need one that stacks them vertically like what I'm using.




I suspect with the wide variety of options out there and a little bit of looking, you'll get something that's perfect for what you're envisioning.


I wish someone though had made one with a Dual Shock 3 charging location and a Dual Shock 4 charging location. I don't need everything sitting on a charger and would prefer to have one charger that can recharge a controller for each system instead of needing two chargers. But it doesn't seem as if anyone ever bothered to make one.

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