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Games sale on Xbox live for 360 titles (2 Atari non BC games on sale as well).

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Incredible news that  you can now get the classic remakes of Star Raiders and Yar Revenge for about 68 pence each.  MS are also touting more sales as the months click down.


Who would not jump at the chance of playing the finest Version of Star Raiders on 360 ( a wee bit of spin there as it is the only version.).  I bought it and it is okay.  Graphics are quite good and the sound is okay but the tune loops too frequently.


Plus the updated on rails shooter version of Yars revenge.  Neither are brilliant but they are not bc so they might be worth picking up.  68p for yars as well

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Technically, Star Raiders for the 2600 was on Xbox 360 by way of Game Room (And if we count backwards compatibility, Atari Anthology runs great on the 360). :)


Good sale though. I'm going to buy a bunch of stuff tonight, although only three of them were on my list before the sale (Both Atari games and Space Invaders IG). Hoping that more of my want list goes on sale in the next two waves of sale additions, including Haunted House and Warlords (The 2012 release, not the older Stainless Games port and remake of the classic).


And hopefully some DLC goes on sale, too. Kind of silly that Space Invaders IG is $1.50 for instance, but the three expansion packs (the base game is essentially only the first 25% of the game) are all three dollars each. So it's still going to cost $9 more to get it all since the unlocks aren't on sale.


I had dismissed these four Atari XBLA games when new even though they were only $5 each, but the success of the Atari 50 remakes and the Recharged line in more recent times has me wanting to check out this brief fling by Atari SA at making new games in classic Atari franchises in the late days of Xbox Live Arcade. And at $1 a pop (or even if I end up paying the full $5 for Haunted House and Warlords), there sure isn't much at risk if they end up the duds that I thought they probably were 10+ years ago.

And while it's not listed in the sale, Panzer General is 99 cents right now. https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/product/panzer-general/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802584109b4 Normal price was $9.99, so I assume it's part of the sale but that someone slipped up and left it off the list.

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