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Top 10 Most Underrated Games on the Amiga - True Hidden Gems

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Top 10 Most Underrated Games on the Amiga - True Hidden Gems


What is the most underrated game ever released on the Amiga?! Did it make my list? I decided I would rank the top 10 most underrated Amiga games that bought me so much joy in this fun video. I feel all these games are true hidden gems! Do you agree?



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Summary by NoteGPT, since the OP doesn't provide a list:


Beach Volley: A fun and addictive game with colorful graphics and simple gameplay.

Hunter: An open-world 3D game with various missions and vehicles to control.

Cabal: A shooter game with a unique 3D perspective and a focus on offensive and defensive tactics.

Body Blows: A fighting game with four characters and special moves, set in colorful backdrops.

Magic Pockets: A side-scrolling shooter with unique weapon transformations and special abilities.

Walker: A 2D shooter with side-scrolling from right to left, featuring a giant robot and time travel.

Pang: An arcade game with 50 levels, where the goal is to destroy bouncing balloons.

Premier Manager: A football management game where players progress through leagues and make strategic decisions.

Weird Dreams: A third-person game with bizarre levels and dark humor, inspired by paintings and animations.

Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top O’ Fun: A collection of mini-games set in a circus, with colorful graphics and challenging gameplay.

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