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The Flashback - My Gateway into 1 button mashing fun.

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I am fairly young compared to many atari enthusiasts but that love came from a surprise system coming in, cant remember what flashback it was other than i think centipede was on it, both Adventure 1 and II, Air Raiders, Bowling  and MAYBE Froggo Karate? Anyways it might've been the first time we got seperate controllers for a system [mainly because the wireless ones were.... something] and i remember having lots of fun with it, i've said this a few times before but to me i feel as if the charm is similar to the charm of old Flash Games [which again i say similar because i'm not the type to ask "why isnt stickrpg on 2600+?" It's just a similar wave length]

Just trying something random from a list and seeing how much fun it is with the limited capabilities of the systems.



I reckon i still have it somewhere but by now i have a 2600+, but still part of me does wish i could take some of those games on the go, and my phone does NOT agree with that idea so, at the very least i'm gonna confuse onlookers with my 3DS :D

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