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About the evolution of BBS Software on the ST

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When I was a kid, I ran my BBS first on the Atari 8-bit with BBS Express,   then on the Atari ST with BBS Express,  before eventually moving to FoReM.   (After that I went to PCBoard on the PC for some years..)    I'd like to hear about other BBS software than BBS Express and FoReM on the ST - what worked well, what unique features did they have, what were they suited for?




My experience with BBS Express was that it was great for customization at the time.  My Dad and I wrote a couple of doors (Trivial Pursuit being one of them that Keith Ledbetter himself took over development for!), and I think it allowed some level of scripting for automation.  (Hopefully I'm not mixing my memories with PCBoard's PPE files).   However, I ended up switching to FoReM later because it had better support for file uploads/downloads across multiple drive letters (TOS version+Supra software we had was limited to 16MB per partition - we upgraded from a 20MB drive to a 65MB).  It also felt easier to get ZModem working on the FoReM, and of course FidoNET for a bit.  I was in an early teenager "warez phase", and FoReM seemed better suited.   I also enjoyed hosting and playing Space Empire Elite a ton on the ST, before discovering TradeWars..


I'm a little familiar with Citadel -- I didn't like it as much as a user, but I remember a lot of people loved it for message forums.  I see the thread on Michtron which appears to be a multi-line solution for the ST (which is intriguing to me - looking forward to learning more about that).   


What else came out for the ST to host BBSes that was interesting/good?   I left the ST as a SysOp around 1989, and the ST scene around 1991 so I definitely do not have a lot of exposure to a lot of later ST software..



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You should attend the BBs sysops zoom call. They are usually the first Sunday and 3rd Friday of the month. 

A bunch of us were/are sysops. We shoot to s**t and have cool demos and fix other people’s issues. 

You can see the login info and our agenda at: http://www.ataribbs.com/zoomchat


also check out the BBs gurus page here at Atari age and southernamis.com

Current BBs status can be found at http://sfhqbbs.org/ataribbslist.php


Tillek does a Herculean task of getting us together on track. 



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I know you said, "other than BBS Express" but I'll just point out that "The DarkForce! BBS" represents a more modern BBS Express! ST board,

still fully functional and running today. You should logon at least once and check it out to see how far a BBS Express! ST board can be pushed

and modified.


And...I totally agree with moonlight_mile - come to the Zoom SysOp meetings, they are a blaST!   :)


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Except that they aren't "SysOp" meetings.  We have all kinds who are interested, including BBS authors, hardware makers, users and general Atari ST enthusiasts.  Heck, a few of the "regulars" don't even call BBSes.  Wouldn't want you to get the impression that non-SysOps aren't welcome or shouldn't feel free to participate.


Even the occasional Commodore or Apple guy.


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39 minutes ago, smoore said:

It was awesome, really enjoyed chatting and I’ll definitely join again!


Many thanks,




We were really happy to have you.  And I learned about some great new toys to buy for my Falcon! :)


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