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But, but, but.. the vcs 800 isn't a REAL Atari...

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The ps5 is x86 hardware, Sony computer entertainment hasn't made their own computer technology since the PS3... But the ps5 is a REAL playstation. As far as I'm concerned the Atari VCS 800 is a REAL Atari, and my favourite Atari system, il get into they why in another post. But anyways the Atari 2600 was engineered from off the shelf parts you could purchase at a radio shack back in the 70s, that's why ataris lawsuit with colecovision failed when they tried to sue for coleco's expansion module that could play 2600 carts

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But but but nothing.

The VCS is a real machine, the architecture is irrelevant.
Atari made the VCS.
The VCS is a real Atari.

Anyone who disagrees has a loose grip on reality, in which case their 'opinion' can safely be ignored as the irrelevant misfiring of neurons in a deluded mind.


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I think at this point even most of the haters acknowledge it as a real Atari console, now that Atari no longer appears to be just the corpse of Infogrames parading around under the Atari name. 

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It's like any other company-made device.  A Panasonic laptop.  When someone says "I've got an HP" when regarding a computer.  Same for Atari.


I do love the reactions I get when I say I do computer work on an Atari.  Like a dog that just heard a weird noise, a couple people have already cocked their heads to the side in bewilderment, especially since they are somewhat familiar with the name.

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