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The Crimeycade Podcast - Thursdays on Twitch

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A new interview podcast on Twitch - hosted by the 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Champion, the 2021 Galloping Ghost Gamer of the Year, the GGA 2020 T20 Champion, the current 2023 GGA Pinball Expo champion "The Mad Conservative Crimefighter" Steven Lucas - airs live on Twitch every Thursday Night.  Interviews with fellow gamers, commentary on current gaming affairs, roundtables, gameplay and much more!  Subscribe to my Twitch channel at http://twitch.tv/rap_sheet


Archived episodes appear on my Youtube channel one week after broadcast at http://tiny.cc/pwci


So far I have interviewed (twitch name in quotes) ...


#1. Joshua Pitts - host of Bloody Wars Tournament

#2. "Strider_Ryu" Norbert Vale - Multiple time Bloody Wars Champion, holds multiple records in fighting games

#3. "KingCamBlackMan" Brandon Travis - fellow Twitch streamer covering anime, classic arcade games, game show host, cosplayer, and more.

#4. "Iron_Gorilla_" Damien Cordova - fighting game contender at BWT

#5. Samantha Kohn - BWT interviewer and digital graphics artist

#6. "MegaRetroMan" Paul Tesi - world record holder of multiple Nintendo tournament cartridges

#7. Jose Velazquez Jr. - Galloping Ghost and Bloody Wars contender

#8. [Jimbo Slice] James White - The Galloping Ghost Gamer of the Decade 2010s, previous holder of gamer of the year, the 10x championship, Pinball Expo title, and the current GGA C2E2 champion.

#9. Tracey Gleave - The best female Joust arcade player in the world coming out of the United Kingdom, world traveler in gaming.

#10. Israel Behena & Claudio Copello - two Galloping Ghost regulars, Israel the first Bloody Wars champion, Claudio a multiple score record holder

#11. Jim Patzer - the guardian of the Garcade, Galloping Ghost gamer of the year contender, multiple arcade score record holder.

#12. DSP Dan Perez & Aiden Cordova - two top fighting game contenders of Bloody Wars

#13. "Pearl_" Eric Pearl - Canada's top arcade gamer and shoot-em-up player

#14. Fat Chris Blucher - gaming's gunslinger, biggest fan of Revolution X and electrician

#15. 8-Bit Brody - Gaming's user car salesman and comedian, Youtube personality



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