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Atari 2600 Tarzan released!


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Thanks to the fine work of AtariSpot and some footwork on both our parts to assemble the story of the game together, Tarzan makes its Atari 2600 debut after 40 years!




The game itself is really quite good - it's a shame that timing worked out poorly for it, as this was really the masterwork from James Wickstead Design Associates.

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Is there only one set of artwork to use for Tarzan games? What strikes me the most about the article is not the recovered game, but the cartridge instructions dated in 1983, having the exact same artwork as the Tarzan game by Martech for the C64 in 1986, and I presume several other Tarzan licenses. I don't know enough about Tarzan, perhaps that artwork is iconic through all the books, movies etc so it is obvious (or the only licensed one) to use.


(Now I need to revisit the C64 game to see if it also is impossible for Tarzan to die)

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I just read the manual on Atari Mania.  I kind of figured the ability for Tarzan to do his yell would be removed since the Atari 2600 has only one button.  Still, I am looking forward to trying this out when I get home as I did have it when I owned a Colecovision.  It was quite an interesting game.

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Per the article:


This allowed for larger and more complex game programs, and Tarzan, a 12-kilobyte cartridge, is no exception. The game uses a unique bankswitching scheme, but Jentzsch was able to modify it into a standard “F6” bankswitch to make it operable on emulators and flash carts.

The description for it under the Archive.org page states similar.  The original game is 12k.


However, the original ROM is the same size of the F6 bankswitched conversion, 16k.  Why is the original ROM size 16k?

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I was just asking Frank about this the other day.  Glad to see it finally got released for everyone to play.


Kevin's write up is pretty amazing so mine feels kind of redundant but you can read it here: http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/tarzan/tarzan.htm


I also took a look at the Atari 8-Bit proto: http://www.atariprotos.com/8bit/software/tarzan/tarzan.htm

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What a fantastic game for the Atari 2600, if it had been released at the time it would have been a huge success.
I've been a fan of Jungle Hunt since childhood because of the Tarzan theme involved, the same time that the colorful Tarzan TV series from the 70s was on, which was very successful here in Brazil.
I had already seen the Colecovision version, but it didn't spark much interest, despite the hardware being superior to the 2600, but I'm going to revisit that version to compare the difference between the two hardware.

Captura de tela_2024-06-03_20-16-44.png

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Tempest said:

Btw has anyone successfully jumped from vine to vine?  I was able to do it in the 8-Bit prototype but not in 2600 proto.

I’m pretty sure you can’t go vine to vine directly, I think you must grab the tree in the middle in between.


Here’s the gameplay video I made in case I had to help jog Henry Will IV’s memory when I interviewed him.



I’ll have more to add eventually, but for now… my sincere thanks to @Thomas Jentzsch for guiding me through the dumping process, to @ubersaurus for the great article, to @Tempest for the write-up on AtariProtos, to the VGHF, and to Henry Will for being kind enough to sit down with me to chat for a while. I hope to get an interview transcript posted so everyone can learn more about his work.

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