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Vertical lines on modded top loader

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A little while back I mentioned how I was having some picture problems with a modified top-loading NES. This modification uses a multi-out port like the ones seen on a Super NES, N64 etc. I got it running through a 13-inch CRT television and it seems to have improved some of the problems I was having with the picture. However I still notice vertical lines on the backgrounds of many games, notably solid-colored areas such as skies, floors, large platforms, etc. I sent it back twice for repairs and the same phenomenon still occurs. Is this just something inherent to the top-loader?

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The jailbars is normal for a RF based system due to particularly crappy RF shielding that allows that interference to happen.  I can't see your mod or what was done, but I'm going to bet it wasn't done well and its still picking up that problem.  Back in the day, the one time I had a stock top loader, I hated that junk, so I ran it through a VCR and powered it on as a filter and then into the TV and it was a crystal clear image.  The two I've had since, one was properly modded for RCA ports on the rear, also had a stereo separation wheel for audio and a little light under the power switch too and it was fantastic.  The only reason I dumped it, I got over a decade ago now my last top loader, one modded with kevtris's HiDefNES Kit within and that's as sharp as an emulator, capable of all audio expansion, works marvelous with anything NES, FC and Famicom Disk system.

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