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My old unfinished bB Projects / Game Ideas


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Last Week i started playing around with bB again. Over the years i started several bB projects but never had the patience to learn programming and finish any of them. I'm currently digging through my old bB files and try to remember the game ideas i had in the past... Maybe i'll pick one of them up or maybe i'll start from scratch with a dead simple game to learn some programming. But this time i'm taking it easy, if i can make a game - great. If not i'll just have some fun with bB. 😊


I decided to post my old ideas here one at a time - just for others to have a good laugh and to remember what's most important when making a game:


Just have fun and never give up!


So here's the first of my lousy ideas:


Nutfall (2019)


nutfall_2019_01_t.thumb.png.27225ca5d5e6801281841e81ed5af633.png nutfall_2019_01_g.thumb.png.79e9e55bc1a07a65d08c9916c134e5be.png





Game Idea:


You are a squirrel running through the forest collecting nuts. Avoid getting hit by falling nuts, collect them when they lie on the ground. You also have to avoid enemies which either attack you or grab the nuts before you. Collect a certain amount of nuts on each level to advance to the next one. The game should progressively get faster (falling nuts and enemies), every few levels you move to a new forest with new enemies. Apparently i had a pink alien in mind as first enemy... 🤪


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Dodge It (2008):


dodge_it!_2008_01_t.thumb.png.9c352f321494501c1ca08136e715046f.png dodge_it!_2008_01_g.thumb.png.ac201122af0038f726767c8cb694f297.png






Game Idea:


This is a simple game like Dodge It for the Fairchild Channel F. Avoid the blocks bouncing around the screen (the 2 missiles and the ball), don't touch the deadly walls and survive as long as you can. The speed of the blocks should increase eventually (maybe every 1000 points?) and i also wanted to add an enemy that's chasing you to liven up the gameplay a bit. Not much to see here but i hope this gives you a good laugh. 😁


There are already dozens of similar games made with bB but this simple concept should be an easy enough first game to finish... Maybe i'll give it another shot.



Meanwhile i just started bB programming again and my first new project is a little demo with playfield animations... So can anyone guess what this is supposed to be?





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