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Anyone know what this system is?? NES, SuperNES, artists rendition?

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31 minutes ago, BassGuitari said:

Everything about it is a giveaway that it's an AI image.

Oh, believe me I know, I just pointed out the easiest example for anyone, I needed to only glance at it for two seconds before writing it off as AI. Somehow some people don't pick up on the signs as easily, I worry about those people since this is only the beginning, and it will only become more convincing with time, but yeah currently there are so many giveaways in such images it's laughable. Even the OP'S reply so far as "maybe so", that just had me facepalming.

There is no "maybe" about it.

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5 hours ago, Mikebloke said:

Anyone else think the cartridges look cute and dinky even though it's totally fake?

This reminds me of a question I never found an answer to: Would it be possible to make GameBoy-shaped NES carts that would be designed specifically for the Analogue Pocket? I know the number of available pins on the GB/GBA cartridge PCB is less than on NES/Famicom carts, but I'm wondering if it could still be made to work somehow.


If not, then maybe Atari 2600/7800 or ColecoVision games on GB-sized carts? Just that would be cool.  :)


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