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2024 Spring HSC - Round 9 - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

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It's platforming time! I was never that big a fan of Mickey Mouse cartoons, but he starred in some great Sega video games!  Let's play Castle of Illusion, normal mode, no continues.


To get a bonus point, play any other Sega Master System Disney game - there are quite a few, especially internationally (Land of Illusion, Aladdin, Donald Duck, etc).


This round runs July 1 - July 14




  1. @fakecortex 85,670 (+1)
  2. @Dashopepper 28,870 (+1)
  3. @wongojack 15,960 (+1)
  4. @BydoEmpire 11,740
  5. Roland 3,130 (+1)
  6. @RGC 2800
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Posted (edited)

This is a fun version, even tho it has many differences from the Genesis one. I last played that one a couple years ago and beat it without continues, but this is pretty much a totally different game, so it’s a new challenge. There are so many secret treasure boxes with coins for big points! Also,  be sure to snap a picture fast before the score goes away (can’t stand games that don’t keep it on the screen). My pic was a live photo and I needed to go back in the key frames to catch my score lol. 

Got to the dessert level…

Castle of Illusion - 38,890


For the bonus, I played a bit of the other two Illusion games on Master System. 


I have Land of Illusion on Game Gear, but don’t remember much of it. I had fun playing it again.

Come to think of it, I think I also have Castle on GG too, I just don’t remember it at all lol. 

Legend of Illusion is new to me, and even more different than the other two. There’s no butt bounce, which threw me off and is a shame. Nevertheless, it’s still fun and has the Mickey charm. The differences are neat, especially the cinematics and storing food for later health. I also found out that the high score isn’t displayed when you die. Then why have one?



I may flip between all three of these bc they’re so fun and I’d like to try and beat all of em eventually. 

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Mmmk - This is not my genre.  No idea really what to do.  I'm going to be travelling quite a bit in the next two weeks, so I'm posting a participation score now. 4,710




Here's Ariel - The Little Mermaid which was apparently a Brazilian release



I also tried out Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (also from Brazil).  Seems to be a bit of a mini/puzzle game collection where you can also play as Minnie - GOOD GOIN' TOOTS!


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Alright, sat down again with Castle. Started off with the dessert stage (3rd door), which I feel is the hardest of the first three. Made it to the clock tower (stage 5). 

COISMM - 75,870


Then I continued playing in order to get some practice with that level and I ended up beating the game… not before using up a ton of continues. I can conclude a few things:


- I think it’s harder than the Gen version (at least on this first go, since I had to take advantage of so many continues. Glad they had them tho.)

- I think the bosses are harder too. Especially the final two. In between them, they’re nice enough to give you some extra health… 1 slice of cake 🙄🙄

- There’s not enough invincibility after you get hit, leading to some cheap double hits. 
- I always seem to duck when I want to run or pick up a block. I’m blaming the controller on this one. Got real annoying fighting those final bosses where you have to pick up blocks. 
- I wish I had found the 5th health star 😕

- Fun, cute 8-bit version of an absolute classic. Stands alone, good in its own right. Just a bit frustrating at the end. 


I put down the controller and said that’s it for me. But I can still see myself picking it back up to see if I can beat my score after having some time away. 

Finally, a game this season that I’m good at! Even if my score doesn’t hold, I’m happy to have beaten the game 8) 

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On 7/7/2024 at 8:57 AM, wongojack said:

Hey SMS HSC.  I found some vintage Sega machines in Tokyo today, including a cockpit style Thunder Blade! That's Space Harrier in the back and they had a few Out Runs too.




Fantastic! I never saw a sit-down cab version of Thunder Blade. Did you get to play any of those?

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