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XB256 Demo - 17 separate XB programs using CALL LINK("RUNL1",A$)

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I've been wanted to mess around with the XB256 RUNL1 functionality.  My demo was inspired by a NAVY F-18C cockpit DDI:




It came out looking like this:




The demo consists of 17 separate XB programs.  The main demo program which sets up the sprites that make up each 'button'.  As you press the button, a new XB program is run.  Each button can call any other button's program.  You can even set up variables in the main program and the child program can pass it back and forth no problem.  The really cool feature is the Screen1/Screen2 pattern definitions. You can have all 28 sprites with patterns set-up on Screen1 and still have 256 characters available on Screen2.   A masterpiece @senior_falcon, thank you!  I've posted my code below if you want to mess with this.  It is a lot of cut and pasting into XB256, but I am happy with the result.  


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