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Announcing Super Asteroids / Missile Command reprint


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Honesty and integrity are often spoken together, but they aren't the same thing.

A three legged chair lacks integrity because it doesn't work.

The dishonesty comes if the three legged chair is presented as something that does.


The cartridge I see here looks familiar to me. I could me mistaken, but I'm not mistaken about mine.

It's presented as something pretty. A collector's item, but in some circumstances, won't work.

If the solution is to then sand the physical cartridge with sandpaper, it's no longer a collector's item.

If at the same time, you fail to acknowledge the process of backing it up, it's also unusable.


Staggered pins are a curiosity to me, but no more. You might as well go for ESD strategy to connect ground,

but I hope you aren't failing at integrity in dealings with fans in the manner Atari always have toward other companies.


If I see someone get excited for something and suffer the same kind of disappointment I did,

and the same kind of disappointment new Atari customers have had (ie. the non-working 2600 carts),

I can assure you that I'll be more affected than having the same thing happen to me.






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On 7/14/2024 at 9:52 AM, jgkspsx said:

I may be being slightly facetious. A mouse in the grain is worth two in the crackerbox.

It may not have been prudent to talk about dumping a cartridge here before anyone knew who I was or what I was up to,

but that can only be interpreted as dishonesty. It isn't evidence of actual dishonesty.


I was too busy answering to fallout from that to call out the actual dishonesty of selling a dud product.

It takes a weak character to run and hide in the face of accusation.

I'd have been over this is long ago if the problem was properly acknowledged, and stated as being fixed

with something better than sand the cartridge back with sandpaper! :D

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