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Tarik - A Golden Axe Story


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Tarik, the Barbarian warrior hero.


Based on my favorite version, the Master System. Golden Ax was ported from Arcades to various consoles and home computers of the time. 
This port will be based on the port that was released for the Master System.
Will it be possible to bring this fantasy epic that takes place in the fictional lands of Yuria, with the fight of warriors, barbarians and Amazons and lots and lots of Arcade magic to the limited hardware of the Atari 2600? We'll see.





I apologize for Tarik's rough features, this will be polished in the next versions.

For now, there are no attacks with the warrior's sword, nor coordinated attacks from enemies based on artificial intelligence.

This is the first screen that tries to stay faithful to the look of the port for the Master System.

I'm thinking about using the ball as a sword to avoid less flickering effect on the sprites. 

Good fun at this POC.





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Posted (edited)

Tarik's graphic sprites updated, without the rough movements of the first version. The demonstrations of jumping and squatting movements have been removed. If you want to check out these movements, download the first version at the beginning of the post. The crouch movement does not exist in Arcades or domestic ports. The movement of jumping and also of throwing swords in the air will be implemented with some combination of control, perhaps the up arrow and the fire button pressed at the same time or twice pressing the fire button, well that will be further along, for now and that's it .You can move Tarik in the eight directions of the controller.


Hope you like it.




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