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I need help with a DIP ribbon cable connector for the Antonia please

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Hello all... I was able to get an Adaptus to relocate my Antonia mod to the back of my 800XL so the top case can close with the custom Decent keyboard replacement secured on metal rails. Even relocating the Antonia, the keyboard rails just barely short-out on the Adaptus, preventing the computer from booting when the top case is closed, but a Post-It note folded in half fixed that :D  But now, through no fault of @Simius, the MMU extension cable is too short. I found 7 inch 20 POS ribbon cables with FC connectors on both ends on Amazon and ordered some. Cut one FC connector off and just about destroyed the original DIP connector trying to get it back on. Finally got it >whew!< but I broke the lock on one side, so I ordered some new DIP connectors from Mouser, and they're the wrong ones 😢 Note that the 7 inch cables are actually a bit too short, so if you do this, use an 8 inch cable minimum.


If you look at the wire 'crimp' holes on the top of the connectors, you'll see on the old one the top row is shifted right, and the new one is shifted left. And reversed on the bottom row. This won't work because the pins will be all reversed. So instead of just trying to order another one, can someone please help me with a part#? I apologize, but I've never been any good at finding the right parts. Horrible at in fact, as evidenced above lol. And I know there is a trick to putting these things together without destroying them. If anyone would care to share that little tip, that'd be appreciated as well. Thanks everyone...

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6 hours ago, Simius said:

I don't know about that. Digikey doesn't show the part very well, but the exact same part at Mouser shows the wrong alignment 😟 (ie. the top row is shifted left instead of right)



Neither Mouser or Digikey show any of the Connfly connectors unfortunately. Thanks for the help... I will keep looking. If anything comes to mind, pls let me know...

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