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Absolutely massive US Timex haul. I need help!

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My stepfather is looking to sell all of this either to me or to have me sell it for him. I'm leaning towards buying it from him since I have so little of this stuff and it is so difficult to find but I am completely out of my element and I truly feel like a fish out of water with this stuff. This stuff is so rare and obscure and he bought it all brand new back in the day and used it. 


There is so much third party software here and most of it I never even knew existed or really even new third-party software existed for this thing in the first place. Can anybody help me out with value? I don't feel like I will get any answers from eBay whatsoever. Also if there are any experts there and you see lots of software that is undumped please let me know as I will do my best to try to find a way to buy it and share it. I literally know absolutely zero about dumping the stuff but I would be willing to meet with somebody who knew how. 


Take a look at all of the photos and let the raucous begin!
















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I can not provide any guidance about pricing -- I have only ever seen one for sale IRL, and that was more than 25 years ago -- but I just want to say that I am impressed with the amount of books and documentation in this collection. In my experience, finding this material is often more difficult than finding vintage hardware. 

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That's a really nice collection! You should be able to find out more about everything on my website, https://timexsinclair.com.


From what I can see in your pictures, I have either archived what you have or it's in a box next to me, ready to be digitized. My site links to everything I've digitized (manuals, anything paper, tapes, disks). The archived media are here: https://archive.org/details/@factus10


Off the top of my head:

  • The ZX80 would probably sell for $150+ on ebay
  • You'll be lucky to sell the 1000. The zip up dust case is rather rare/unusual but not terribly valuable.
  • The 2068 alone would go for $150+. Bundle the hardware for it (the cartridges, ZX Voice), 2040 printer (it'll be a slow mover on its own) and all the software and books and I think you'd be reasonable in asking $250+

You may want to join the TS2068 list on groups.io (https://ts2068.groups.io/g/main). I know there are folks there who would be interested in all/parts of your stepfather's collection.


For me, would you or your stepfather mind looking at the People page on my site (https://www.timexsinclair.com/community/people/) and let me know (PM me) if he's listed? If not, I'd love it if your stepfather wouldn't mind being added. A mini bio would be fantastic, too. Based on what he owned, I'd love to know how he used the computer.


Also, if your stepfather would enjoy hanging out with a few of us Timex fans, we have twice-a-month Zoom meetings and post them to YouTube, here: https://www.youtube.com/@timexsinclairfans


Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to know or help with.




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