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Alpine Avenger

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Thank you so much to James for having me on the ZPH stream last night!  I also appreciate everyone who tuned in to watch and ask questions.  I had a lot of fun being on the show. A big thanks also to RevEng, KarlG, H3xaFli6ht, and James for playtesting and helping me during the development process, and to H3xaFli6ht specifically for creating the awesome POKEY tunes for this game.  The game is complete but I am open to further suggestions for improvement, and I will try and address any bugs that are found and reported here.


Alpine Avenger is inspired by the 16 bit Windows 3.1 game "SkiFree" by Chris Pirih but is not a direct port.  You can download the latest 32 bit Windows version of the original game on his website here.   This game started as an experiment in using 320B graphics with 7800basic which I hadn't done before.   I just happened to be playing SkiFree at around the same time, so I started my testing creating graphics that matched that game.  It's one of those test projects that ended up turning into an actual game.  Once I started I realized I wasn't going to be able to fit everything in from the original into the game so I focused on the freestyle portion, which is what I played the most often in the original.  320B graphics take up a lot of ROM space!  The biggest challenge here was squeezing all of the graphics in.  Some compromises were made, as some of the 320B sprites I created had to be converted back to 160A in order to fit them all in.


All of my real hardware testing on this game was done using the 7800 Game Drive.  This is a standard 144k ROM and should run fine on all of the 7800 flash carts including the Concerto, Cuttle Cart 2, Firefly, and MCP Dev Cart, although it's only been tested with the 7800 Game Drive.


I created a special version for the ZPH stream that included a splash screen with the ZPH logo, I'm including that version as well for anyone that would like a copy.  At this point the two versions are identical other than the ZPH splash screen.  This game will likely be published and available for purchase at the AtariAge store sometime in 2025.


Standard Version:

Alpine_Avenger_v0.73.binAlpine_Avenger_v0.73.a78  (Initial Release)

Alpine_Avenger_v0.75.binAlpine_Avenger_v0.75.a78  (Adds ability to mute background music, press right fire on main menu)


ZPH Version used on the show:

Alpine_Avenger_v0.73_ZPH.binAlpine_Avenger_v0.73_ZPH.a78  (Includes ZPH Logo Splash Screen on startup)


Game Manual:

Alpine Avenger Instructions.pdf   

Alpine Avenger Instructions v1.1.pdf 




You set out for a relaxing afternoon of skiing, greeted by perfect weather. As you began your descent down the slope, a terrifying roar echoed from the mountain peak! The legend of the Alpine Avenger, once dismissed as a children's fairy tale, suddenly seemed all too real. What could possibly be happening here?


Game Modes


Game modes can be selected on the Title Screen by pressing left or right; an arrow indicates the currently selected mode among Practice, Freestyle, or Chase. At any point, you can press Left/Right to switch between these modes, and Up/Down to choose between High Scores and Start Game. The displayed High Score table corresponds to the currently selected game mode. All game modes are endless until you are caught by the Alpine Avenger.  In Practice and Freestyle modes, once you are actively pursued by the Alpine Avenger, the novice skier flees and ceases to appear.



Collisions with obstacles are disabled until after you pass the finish line at 20.0m.  The Alpine Avenger will pursue you after crossing the finish line or after 3 minutes has passed, whichever comes first.



Hit as many ski jumps as you can and score as many style points as you can while avoiding obstacles.                     

The Alpine Avenger will pursue you after crossing the finish line or after 3 minutes has passed.







A Standard Freestyle run however the Alpine Avenger will always be active and in pursuit.

The novice skier is not on the mountain.  The game ends when you are caught.


Press the Right fire button on the main menu to toggle music on or off.


Skier Movement


Your skier will start facing straight downhill and can switch to three positions to the left or right by pushing and releasing the joystick in the corresponding direction.










When facing directly left or right, you can cross-country ski straight in either direction without making downhill progress. This can help you line up with a ski jump.




You can perform a sideways jump by pressing the fire button while facing directly left or right.






You will be notified on-screen with a pop-up score when scoring +50 for jumping a rock, +10 for skiing over a mushroom, +20 for skiing into a dog, and +100 for completing a complex flip.


Ski over a Mushroom


10 Points


Ski over a Dog

20 Points


Jump over a Rock

50 Points


Land a Jump

1 Point


Flip in the Air

10 Points for every front head over heels flip, only if you land successfully.

5 Points for every sideways spin, only if you land successfully.


Complex Flip

100 Bonus Points after three front and three sideways flips, which is a full rotation in both directions.  You’ll receive the points only if you land successfully.



-10 Points every time you crash, however your score cannot go below zero.




To adjust your speed, press up and release to decelerate, or press down and release to accelerate. Your skier starts at 10 KPH and can increase speed in 5 KPH increments up to a maximum of 40 KPH. When skiing on a diagonal track down the mountain, expect a slight decrease in speed. Regularly monitor your speed to navigate effectively. Certain obstacles will impede your progress, so aim for maximum style points by skiing as swiftly as possible. Higher speeds also translate to more airtime on ski jumps, giving you more time in the air to perform flips and improve your score.




Short Jump

Press the Fire button at any time to execute a short jump. You can leap over most obstacles that block your path.


Ski Jump

Multi-colored ski jumps are scattered randomly across the mountain. When your skier encounters one, they will automatically launch into the air.

In the Air

The faster you approach a ski jump, the farther you'll soar through the air. While airborne, maneuver by pushing left or right on the joystick for sideways flips, and push up or down for head-over-heels flips. For extra points, combine front and sideways flips in your routine.



You will land successfully if you're facing directly left or right, or if your skis are aligned downhill. Landing sideways will halt your momentum, whereas landing facing downhill allows you to maintain your current speed.


The game's jumping audio reaches its peak at varying times based on your speed when hitting the ski jump. Utilize this sound cue to accurately time your transition into a safe landing position.



You can ski through the top of most obstacles, but colliding with the base of an obstacle will cause a crash





Large Pine Tree






Prevalent on the mountain, avoid them when you're skiing



Small Pine Tree




Small Pine trees are less prevalent on the mountain, but will cause you to crash all the same.




Dead Pine Tree





No different than the large pine tree, avoid running into them on your trip down the mountain!



Walking Pine Tree




What’s going on here?  It looks like this tree has sprouted legs and is walking across the slopes!  Beware of this tree, as it can unexpectedly walk right into your path when you least expect it.





These red cap mushrooms are highly prized in the ski lodge and collecting them will net you 10 points.







Who let all these dogs loose on the mountain? Ski through a dog and you will send him scurrying home.  It will net you 20 points.







No one wants to ski into a giant boulder! Avoid them or jump over them for 50 points.





Novice Skier




This guy has no idea what he's doing!  Avoid him as best you can.





Ski Lift Pole







Avoid skiing directly into a ski pole!








Ski Lift Chairs

image.png.0fd9c9361e3c79da8b8eac992cf2181d.png image.png.14c4a2e782b6b94d674dc3f4305325aa.png







You'll see them safely pass over your head.  Occupied ski lifts will travel up the mountain, Empty ski lift chairs will travel down the mountain.



Ski Jumps




Hit the ski jumps, grab some air, and rack up those style points!



There are moguls scattered around the downhill slope.  Hitting one will slow you down!


The finish line flags appear at 20.0m in practice and freestyle modes. After you cross the finish line the Alpine Avenger will start chasing you. The game will end when you are caught. 










The Alpine Avenger




Your nemesis on the slopes, the Alpine Avenger fiercely protects the mountainside. When he appears, you can evade him by skiing diagonally down the slope or racing full speed downhill. Be careful to avoid crashing, as it's much easier for him to catch you after a fall.


High Scores


High scores are recorded for each game mode and can be viewed by selecting the respective option on the title screen. You can enter your score after completing a game if it is higher than the lowest ranked score. Be sure to exit the high score screen and return to the title screen after entering your score; this action will save the information to your AtariVox or SaveKey.


You will also receive a rank when your game is completed.  Are you skilled enough to be a Mountain King?


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I can confirm that Alpine Avenger is incompatible with the ProSystem emulator.  It is a very old, outdated and inaccurate emulator.  As James mentioned, I would suggest A7800 or BupSystem.  I use A7800 for development and testing.


I had a suggestion to add the ability to turn the background music off, so I added that capability on the menu screen.  Press the right fire button to toggle the background music on or off.  





Alpine Avenger Instructions v1.1.pdf

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1 hour ago, sramirez2008 said:

Sadly, Hurricane Beryl knocked out our power and kept me from watching this live. But I’m back baby and I’m watching the stream now. I hope to play Alpine Avenger this weekend. 

@Atarius Maximus thanks for sharing your game with the community.

Glad you're back Steve!  Lots of rain here in Missouri as it moved north, but it was pretty weak by the time it got this far inland.  Let me know what you think!

1 hour ago, Trebor said:

The Alpine Avenger is quickly becoming one of my favorite bad guys. :-D


He has quite the appetite.  No mercy once caught! :o

The Alpine Avenger will never be defeated!  :evil:

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2 hours ago, Trebor said:

The Alpine Avenger is quickly becoming one of my favorite bad guys. :-D

Lol! This is one of the few games where watching someone die is just as fun as playing the game. That Yeti sprite is great! Please include a Yeti decal or patch with the CIB. 

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