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Start Decrypting....

Curt Vendel

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Ok Folks....


Now posted in the Atari 7800 section of the Atari History Site: The actual Atari 7800 Maria OS source code listing from GCC date April 23, 1984.


This is a copy of an original given to me by Gary Rubio former engineer and OOEM Laison between Atari & GCC, Photocopiers were not very good back then, so some area's of the listing are dark and may be unreadable, but a good 85% of the document is clear and readable.


All of the encrypting/decrypting sections of the OS and clearly marked and heavily commented, so....


GET TO WORK and come up with a nifty little program to create checksums!!!!!! Enjoy everyone.... more to come!!!!!!!!


Atari" TARGET=_blank>http://www.atari-history.com/archives/pdf/...Source_Code.pdfAtari 7800 OS Source Code Listing




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