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Finding 7800s


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Hey, I was out "thrifting" yesterday and found a 7800 expansion port model. That makes 3 of the early ones for me. To top it off, I paid $3 for it and it works great!!!

Anyways, its nice to finally find a bargain after a 4 month dry spell

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I figure I'll pick one up from a small game shop the other side of town (they are cheap there)..

I'd part with one for some Odyssey2 stuff or some decent 7800 or 2600 stuff, nothing too rare, as I dont have much in any of them..

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Well, I just bought several new 7800 games from folks on eBay, 3 for $6 NIB and 2 more for $5 NIB.

Its not that I cant buy them new.. I find it an interesting way to meet new people and make contacts dealing with folks for used stuff. Plus, if they need something that is in abundance here, why not see if they have something that is scarce here... Plus, it helps me learn more about what the "real" worth of something is...

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Well..I haven't any good trade bait..except some Colecovision games I can't use since I don't have a CV. But nothing rare for the 2600..and while I have some semi rare 7800 games that would be worthy of one of those decks...I can't bare to part with them...


But seeing as how you are only missing a power supply...check this out...


7800 power supply on yahoo auctions...


Or you could go the unnatural way and hardwire a 2600 adpater to it.

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hey, -^Cro§Bow^-


i got some 7800 carts that i can trade, not sure if they are anything anyone might want or need but here is the list:

pole position II

food fight

dig dug

ms. pac-man


super skateborardin'





realsports baseball




all are loose, but i would let them go real easy.


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The NTSC version of planet smashers is quite rare Kevin.


All I can say is keep looking...or ask around or try Ebay (Yeah I said it...). The pal version of that is much more common than the NTSC version here.


Good luck!

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It isn't totally unusual to see yours being an 87 model with the expansion port. See I got mine in 88 and it has a newer case and serial number from that year as well. But in the case of my 7800. It is actually a reworked board that was made in 84. It either was a return from who knows how far back. Or it was simply old stock that didn't test out the first time and they went back and fixed the problems. Either way it eventually made its way out the door to my hands.


So to answer your question. The expansion model 7800s probably ceased being made with the ports at the end of 86. By then Atari knew they would never use it for its intended purpose (Too bad too...it would have rocked!). So they started to make the boards without them. I am sure some internal design changes had to be made upon doing that since they didn't all the resistors etc...for the expansion port anymore.


Anyway, there are at least two different revision boards that contain expansion ports on them. The REV 001 (84 years...). And the later REV 002 (86-87?). After this the ports are not present on the main boards. The true 84 released 7800s have the actual opening in the side for the port for access also. Whereas I don't believe the later models do even though the port is there physically (Such is the case with mine).


I hope that answers this question more or less. I am sure Mr. Vendel or somebody else with the real ties to this would know for sure.

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All 3 of my 7800s are expansion port models..all 3 also have the opening on the side of the lower case for it...

I have only taken apart one and it was a true Rev001, 84 model..the others I am tempted to check out also, but if I find out they are also Rev001 models, I will really be tempted to keep all of them, rather than share them with the rest of the world..

Hey, does anyone have a body for a 7800 with bad internals? I tested out my 4th 7800, a rev002, and it worked but the case on it is shot to hell so I need one...

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sorry I know of none locally. I actually found my first 7800 in the wild this past weekend. But they wanted 49 bucks for it!! I of course couldn't crack it open to see if it was an 84 board in it or not. But I suspect not.


I think Jag that your best bet for dead 7800s with good cases will be Ebay (Yeah I said it...).

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I have been keeping an eye on ebay for a dead 7800 or one for parts..

If you want one of the 7800s I have, I'd be happy to ship it your way for a couple of games for it. I have most of the really common 7800 carts but am looking for some of the others and am trying to get more boxed ones...

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Wish I had dupes of my 7800 games. Truth be had...I actually was smart in the 7800 era and bought the more rare games now. Except that by the time Midnight Mutants, Fital Run and some of the others came out I had lost interest in the 7800.


Oh well, I am sure you will find a good home for those decks at some point.

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Hey, Tucson has a couple of Bookmans stores, hit them up, as the one here in Mesa has lots of bargains (CIB Jag games under $5, 50 cents for CIB Intv and 26/7800 games, lots of other newer stuff)...

Hell, I may even head that way this weekend..

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I'm very curious to find out what models my 7800's are, I've never checked, except I know the model I have, which is being sent to me as I speak, from storage, does not have the opening for an expansion port. The other one I just ordered from E-bay, and it's on it's way...It would be very cool if it has the port and even the opening for the port, we'll see...

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