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"GLOBETROTTER" In South America! Next Stop: Brazil!


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Would you like to be a part of Atari history?


EDIT ( March 15, 2006 ) : Here's a link to the new website! :)



As promised, I am pleased to announce that Musevox Multimedia has teamed up with Packrat Video Games to sponsor the "GLOBETROTTER" World Tour! :-)




Globetrotter. After some extra planning and preparation for his worldwide journey( and a few distractions ), Trotter is on the move again!


Trotter is a huge fan of classic gaming, especially Atari. He is, after all, a VCS cartridge... personifed!


He also loves to travel. Trotter wants to be the first Atari homebrew* cart to visit every continent( where Atari fans live ), and visit as many places as he can while he circles the globe. He needs your help!


(*homebrew in this instance refers to any homebrew, hack, or other ROM image created for the 2600, post 1992 )


Trotter started his journey again yesterday( Nov. 15, 2003 ). He will stay with a few different friends here in the state of Utah before journeying overseas to the UK!


I will be arranging for Trotter to be sent to my brother, who is currently serving an LDS( Mormom ) mission in Worksop, England. From there, Trotter will need Atari fans living in the UK to help him continue on his tour. After the UK, the cart will continue into Europe.


In addition, our goal is for Trotter to make an appearance at PhillyClassic 5! attendee from Europe ). More details later.


After one year, give or take( depending on how many sign up ), Trotter will return home to Utah. After this, the cart and materials collected will be auctioned on Ebay or another event, and the proceeds will go to a charitable cause, either classic gaming-related or other. The exact details of this will be determined at a later time.


We, the sponsors, will be doing our best to keep the time short and the costs inexpensive by organizing a list of those who sign up for hosting duties, and keeping the distance between shipper and receiver a short one. Except for a few overseas "jumps", Trotter should have a smooth and short trip from one Atari fan to another as he ventures around the world. Progress of his journey and where he's been will be reported at www.packratvg.com. Also, we will be posting photos that participants submit of the cart near or in an interesting place or landmark close to where that person lives.




If they choose to, the person can view "GLOBETROTTER" on their Atari 2600 VCS. The cart supports both PAL and NTSC TV formats.


Before they send Trotter to the next recipient, the person should sign their name in the "travelogue" that will accompany the cart. If needed at a future time, a second travelogue will be sent out if the first one fills up

with names. Also, a stamp or small sticker representing your city, state or country can be applied firmly on the inside or outside of Trotter's suitcase( so long as you put it in a place that doesn't hinder opening and closing. )


I, Weston (Gateway), will be collecting names and info of those of you who are interested in hosting Trotter during his travels. I will use my best judgement as to the path( who's next on the list ) that Trotter will take as he moves along. Also, I will try to accomadate you if you have a special circumstance while Trotter is in your area, as long as you give me plenty of notice. Once Trotter leaves your state or country though, it is unlikely he will be returning!


I will also be emailing or sending a PM ahead of time to the next recipient on the list to expect Trotter's arrival and verify your current address, etc. This will minimize scenarios like: The cart arriving to your address after you have moved to another residence or you've just left for vacation. ;)


These and more details will be posted on the Globetrotter


Comments and questions in this thread are welcome, and I'll post here of important updates. Also, I will post a numbered list of names soon. As they come in I will edit or post again in this thread.


If you want to be involved, feel free to PM me your name, city, country, etc. or email me at: EDIT: trotterjotter at gmail dot com


Our immediate need will be for participants living in Utah( anybody whom I haven't talked to yet ) and the UK! These will be among the first people's names in the travelogue. :-) Also, we need names from other European nations.


If you don't live in one of these places, you can still sign up, but it will be some time before Trotter comes to your town. I will post here when Trotter moves into a new area, so keep watching this thread!


This is your chance to promote our hobby and spread unity within the classic gaming community. Tell others about Globetrotter!




Weston 8)


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I wanted to clarify something here for everybody that signs up:


By signing up, You agree to let us, the sponsors( Packratvg and me ), use your name and/or userhandle, city name, photo(s) you submit, and your likeness( if you appear in the photo ) for any further promotions we do to get people aware of the Globetrotter project.


An example would be: We are planning for Trotter to appear at PhillyClassic 5, so we would like attendees to see photos, etc, of where Trotter has been so far.


We respect your privacy. Your mailing info would ONLY be given to the person that would be sending the cart and materials to you. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know:


EDIT: Email is now: trotterjotter at gmail dot com :)

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Well, It would appear that Trotter won't need to use his passport soon, as originally planned. ;)


Due to a unique set of circumstances lately, Trotter will postpone his voyage to the UK and Europe, in favor of a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana! 8)


From there he will travel in a generally north and east pattern toward Philadelphia, and should arrive in that area in time for PhillyClassic 5!


He will head out to Baton Rouge soon, so, those of you who live somewhat close to this planned route( from eastern Texas east to Florida and north generally along the east coast, sign up if you haven't already!


If you are not living along this route, you can still sign up, as Trotter will still have many places to go after PhillyClassic. :)

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As promised, here is a list of who has signed up for hosting duties, so far. :) In no particular order:

Gateway ( aka Musevox )...... Orem, UT, USA... PackratVG.............................. Provo, UT, USA

AtariChick.............................. Murray, UT, USA... Sherrie Hilton......................... Orem, UT, USA

Karl Eilercsen.......................... Orem, UT, USA... Ryan Hilton.......................... Payson, UT, USA

fringe1......................... Scott Depot, WV, USA... RCorcoran........................... Phoenix, AZ, USA

Swingtown.. Wausau/Stevens Point, WI, USA... Dolt......................... Rockville Centre, NY, USA

Xot........................................... Barre, VT, USA... The Milkman....................... Griswold, IA, USA

NoahsMyBro................ West Orange, NJ, USA... Patrick Lichty.............. Baton Rouge, LA, USA

moycon................................. Atlanta, GA, USA... Mr.FoodMonster.................... Dexter, MI, USA

StanJr................................ Louisville, KY, USA... Jeff Hilton.................. Worksop, England, UK


RangerG........................ Tallahassee, FL, USA... MegaManFan........................ Omaha, NE, USA

ATARI TROLL....................... Wichita, KS, USA

@Everybody: If you live close to one of these locations, now is a great time to LMK. PM me or email:

trotter@packratvg.com to sign up!



Weston 8)

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Just added to the hosting list:


RangerG, Tallahassee, FL, USA


MegaManFan, Omaha, NE, USA




Thank you for your support.  :)  


Stay tuned for more updates soon!


Weston 8)


The alter ego thing is freaking me out. :D


Gatevox or Museway are still available. :ponder:


J/K ;)

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Does my face have to be in the picture ? :ponder:


If not, I could pick any one of these Atari locations for a picture with the cart:


155 Moffett Park Drive (Consumer Engineering)

360 Caribbean Drive (Consumer Warehouse - Components)

380 Caribbean Drive (Consumer, Coin-Op Warehouse)

390 Caribbean Drive (Consumer Warehouse - Finished Goods)

1173 Borregas Avenue (Pinball Manufacturing)

1180 Bordeaux Drive (Coin-Op Printed Circuit)

1183 Bordeaux Drive (Professional Products Division)

1185C Bordeaux Drive (Engineering)

1195 Borregas Avenue (Consumer Sub Assembly)

1215 Borregas Avenue (Consumer Final Assembly, Coin-Op Marketing) Services

1265 Borregas Avenue (Corporate Headquarters (until 1984))

1272 Borregas Avenue (Engineering (Under Construction))

1340 Bordeaux Drive (Consumer Chip Programming)

1344 Bordeaux Drive (Coin-Op Customer Service)

1346 Bordeaux Drive (Consumer Customer Service)

1360 Bordeaux Drive (Maintenance Department)

1364 Bordeaux Drive (Board Games Division)

1385 Borregas Avenue (Consumer Warehouse)

1395 Borregas Avenue (Consumer Warehouse)

1196 Borregas Avenue (Corporate Headquarters (1984 to 1996))

275 Gibraltar Drive (Semiconductor Group)

1105 N. Fairoaks Avenue (Coin-Op Customer Service)

845 W. Maude Avenue (Consumer Product Service)

1312 Crossman Avenue (International Division)



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AtariDude --


You and I need to push for a strong Florida leg of the tour. I know Jacksonville has many Atari fans, Octavio lives in St. Pete/Tampa (along with other fans). And then you all in Miami can finish up Florida (or maybe we can send Trotter to Cuba - know anybody there? :-)

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Does my face have to be in the picture ?  :ponder:

No. Everybody who hosts the cart has the option of being in the photo, or taking a photo of the cart alone, near the landmark or place you decide to feature. :)


However, CPUWIZ, I think everybody wants to see you. You are so photogenic! :D


If you want a photo of the cart alone, that's okay by me. 8)


If not, I could pick any one of these Atari locations for a picture with the cart:...  :D


How 'bout All of 'em! :D

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Glad to see Globetrotter taking off. Megaman is going to do the COMBAT CANNOBALL RUN. Anyone else here want to join in?? the 01 Combat is with Ed Siegler at the moment. He will be back soon. has some things to take care of. If anyone wants to participate in Budget version PM me or sign up via the link in my signature.


Cheers :)

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Back to Globetrotter... :ponder:


Here's the latest batch of participants to sign up: :)


Jeff Rothkopf... Miami, FL, USA


Inky... Bradley, IL, USA


HermChase... Bayville, NJ, USA


krisjohn... South Perth, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA


sku_u... Stratford, CT, USA


Redcurrie... Spring, TX, USA


Mrs.MegaManFan... Omaha, NE, USA


pitfallaimee... Louisville, KY, USA


pmitch 3m... Cleveland, OH, USA


Thank you for your support. 8)

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AtariDude --


You and I need to push for a strong Florida leg of the tour. I know Jacksonville has many Atari fans, Octavio lives in St. Pete/Tampa (along with other fans). And then you all in Miami can finish up Florida (or maybe we can send Trotter to Cuba - know anybody there? :-)


If it were sent to Cuba, it would be confiscated and never seen again. Best to keep it in the U.S.

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