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MEGA-CONTEST! The Room 34 Adventure Challenge

Room 34

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Inspired by various lamentations over the departure of Pitfall Harry, I decided to create this maddeningly elaborate brain teaser contest.


The contest is so elaborate, in fact, that I have created a website for it. Here's the URL:








The full contest description and rules appear on the log-in page, but I will repeat them below.


The contest is OFFICIALLY OPEN, as of this posting!







The Room 34 Adventure Challenge is a multi-part trivia/brain teaser contest structured around the Atari 2600 game cartridge Adventure. Familiarity with Adventure may help contestants to navigate through the multiple puzzles in the contest faster, but the primary focus of the contest is the puzzles themselves.



As in the Atari game, you will be moving from room to room, picking up objects, unlocking castle gates, fighting fearsome ducks — er, dragons, and searching for the golden chalice, which must be returned to the Gold Castle. But in order to accomplish each of these tasks, you will first need to answer a vintage video game related trivia question or solve a complex "brain teaser" puzzle.



Those familiar with Adventure will note a few minor differences from the original game, most notably that you can carry multiple items simultaneously. In fact, each item you obtain will remain in your possession throughout the remainder of the contest. But beware of the bat. He has been given specific instructions for this contest and will be determined to hinder your progress in ways you may not expect. (I promise, however, that the bat does have specific instructions, and will obey them consistently for all players.)







You'll know. Be sure to watch the Room Status panel as you travel from room to room, as it will help you determine what to do next. The contest may take several days (or weeks!) to complete, so you will need to registerto create an account to save your progress. The registration form is at the bottom of this page.







FIRST PRIZE: $25 AtariAge Store credit*



SECOND PRIZE: $10 AtariAge Store credit*



THIRD PRIZE: $5 AtariAge Store credit*



* Prize funds are being furnished by me; contest is not affiliated with AtariAge.com. Should any parties directly affiliated with the AtariAge Store win contest prizes, the store credit will be substituted for another prize of comparable value.







First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded to the first three people to complete the challenge, in sequential order. If less than three people have completed the contest by midnight CST, February 29, 2004, the remaining prizes will be awarded to the contestants who have completed the most elements of the challenge. In the event of a tie, a tie-break challenge will be conducted, to be determined at a later date.



This contest is purely for fun, although the prizes are real. I reserve the right to terminate the contest and void any and all prizes if bugs that interfere with completion of the contest are found; if I determine that any misconduct has taken place; or for any other justifiable reason. If the contest is to be terminated, all participants will be notified by email; no other notification or compensation will be offered or deemed necessary.

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I hope searching the internet isn't cheating :?:


Searching the Internet certainly isn't cheating... and of course I'd have no way to stop you anyway.


I did, however, try to formulate challenges that would be difficult to search for. I even did some searches on Google myself for a few of them, just to make sure the answers didn't pop up easily.



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I noticed a few of you were having some browser issues. Due to the speed with which I needed to put this together, I didn't have an opportunity to test in all browsers. (In fact, I ONLY tested it in Safari on Mac OS X.)


It SHOULD work properly in most browsers, since I'm not using anything too "off the wall" and almost all of the functional code is server-side.

If you find any glitches, please PM me with your browser and operating system info and I'll see if I can work it out, but my first suggestion would be to try a different browser.



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Mabey it's case sensitive. I'm positive I know it but still nothing  :sad:


The answers are not case-sensitive. (The system will convert all answers to uppercase.)


Be sure you're not putting in extra spaces or punctuation though... that will throw off your answers. :D

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Any chance you could implement some sort of hint feature?


I am going to give people some time to come to the answers on their own. However, I do think that I will follow Ben's lead and dole out cryptic hints on a (roughly) weekly basis. The first hint from me will be posted next Tuesday.

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