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MEGA-CONTEST! The Room 34 Adventure Challenge

Room 34

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Ok, I, the Robsterman, will help you out with some valid hints to Question #1  


Hint #1 - It is a brand of Unix.  

Hint #2 - The name of this game begins with "S"  

Hint #3 - It rhymes with Polaris.  


Keep the faith,  



:thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

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Why is the Robsterman being booed? Is it because he gave away the first answer, or because he is not giving away the second one?


Look, let's be honest, most of you would not have gone part Answer #1 if not for me. Now, it is true that my hints could have been more subtle. The Robsterman realizes this.


But, to boo the Robsterman? That is not nice. Especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner.


So, let's have no more of this booing the Robsterman. It's not good for the Robsterman. It's not good for you. And it's just not the thing to do for Thanksgiving.


And, as the Robsterman has said, he will not give away hints to answers #2-#10. And these are tough in their own right.


So, keep playing.


And check out the Atari Age Robsterman Contest.

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Because we're all trying to compete here so why are you telling others the answers to even one question? And yeah that wasn't a hint.. it was a 100% GIVEAWAY :lol:  


Now on the other hand.. that damn wordfind puzzle.. THAT ones hard hmmmmm... :P


Relax man, I got number 2 but I'm way too stupid to go any further. His help on 1 won't mean much in the end. :)

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Check the main context link.


Can anyone help me? I am trying to proceed, but the bat is truly messing with me. I answer a question, and then it steals my chalice.




P.S. Relax All! The Robsterman is signing off - for good. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, andd good luck with the contest.

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ive advised room34 to take the contest offline until an admin can get around to deleting robstermans account and running an IP block so his contest wont be tarnished, and all his hours of hard work wont be wasted.


Don't worry... other than the answer to #1, all signs point to "The Robsterman" being full of shit. I doubt he'll disrupt things any further.


The answer to the first question is no big deal. I considered it a "gimme" anyway.



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#1 was moot, and the next two were easy. The fourth ("26") is a doozy. I've found half of the objectives so far, plus several other words (including Jaguar luminaries "Doug" and "Sven"). Are there any diagonals that are required? I have yet to find one that seems intentional.


I'm wondering if the solution is linked to the one element that appears intact once and split twice. However, the 20x20 layout does not lend itself to the types of manipulations to the playfield that come to mind.


-Mad Scientist


edit: It should also be noted that the one and only hg2g "ultimate answer" did not work. Bummer. Back to the puzzle...

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