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Atari 7800 Prototype Tester PCB with ROMs.. is it real or a


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Nothing "PROTOTYPE" about it. Prototypes are first runs, pilots, sometimes because they go no further then the evaluation phase, they become One of Kinds.


That is NOT a prototype, all it is, is a standard Pokey chip 7800 PCB with a Zif socket on it for easy on/off of eprom chips for testing purposes. I've emailed that seller many times telling her she is misrepresenting the items by calling them prototypes, I told her she should be calling them Test boards, but obviously she'd rather call them proto's in hopes of netting more cash.


If you want a tester for doing some experimenting with 7800 games, then its a good item to have. Glenn Bruner and John Hardie put together a document on how to encrypt 7800 games and the info is up on www.cgexpo.com The process is not for the faint of heart and you need experience it manipulating HEX code around, but its not too hard to pick up and learn. So a board like that might come in handy for a budding 7800 developer.


But its not a prototype.



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