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Indiana Pitfall Label & Instruction guide contest


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Yes for once, this is more than your average label contest. Winner to be announced 1 Jan 2004. One month from today! For those of you who know me, I am gracious to the winners. There will be two winners this time instead of one. Two different labels and two different instruction guides will be chosen. Only stipulation: Don't want to see any activision style labels at all. For the hack that was created, I removed activision completely from the game (graphics that is). If you want to know how generous I am, ask Joey Bastard and Happy Dude from the Borgwars Label contest that went on a while back.


Cheers the bridgetender

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Here is the actual link from the hacks section:




There are screen shots provided at the bottom of the thread with Indiana Pitfall v.7 as the final rom. Sorry about the vagueness. Should have linked this prior to even making an announcement. AA has the instruction guides in HTML format on the website. I am not a good story writer.


here is a link to the actual pitfall instruction manual



Hopefully this provides a little more direction.



The Bridgetender :)

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Looks interesting, cool even, but is this to be another copyright infringment-fest where the person that finds the best Indiana Jones picture on Google image search wins? Or do the pics have to be clear of copyright issues?


Also, what format do you want the instructions in?

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To clarify on the pictures: Use the screenshots provided from the hacks link or create some using the proper emulator/gif editor etc. I wouldn't want anyone in anyway shape or form to violate any copyright infringements. I would encourage all entries to create the label with screen shots from the game using a simple title vs using any names or pictures from online. Bottom line, lets stay away from copyright material all together.


Hope that clears that up

Cheers :)

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