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Design a Cover Contest!


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I need a cover for the upcoming issue of "eightsixteenthirty-two", the new newsletter for Atari users' groups in North America!


If you've got a pack of crayons, or (better yet) access to MSPaint, submit your entry in this forum for a chance to win a fabulous prize!


The winner of this contest will have his or her choice of:


1. "The Very Best of Andy Gibb" (used, and well-played) on CD




2. A working Atari Jaguar with one working controller, PS, and a game! Your choice of games will, unfortunately, be limited to either "Zoop!" or "Flip Out".




Brett Gladson (snorlaxnut) did an excellent job creating the first newsletter cover, and I'd like to stick to his general format. I will send copies of his cover to anyone who needs a template. And yes, Brett, you can enter too, but do you really want another Jaguar? :D


1. The newsletter title, "eightsixteenthirty-two", should fit the top of a standard (8.5" x 11") page. I'd like it to be in "Arial" font, and the word "sixteen" should be lighter than the rest of the title. "Spring 2004" should be in smaller font just underneath the main title.


2. The main graphic is up to you. The last cover featured a Jaguar with CD attachment, though, so I'd like to see something different for this one.

How about copies of "Klax" for the 5200 and 7800 rolling down a "Klax" gaming board?


3. The cover should mention the following articles:


1. "It's a Klax Wave!" (in caps)

Klax comes to the 7800 and 5200 (smaller font)


2. "Project Tempest Unveiled"


3. "Round and Round and Round..." (caps)

"Ordering Jaguar Games From Carousel is No

Ride in the Park"


4. The following user group logos should be at the bottom of the page:


TAF, SCAT (new logo, please), SPACE, MIAUG, and ACEC (which has no specific logo)


5. Contest ends on January 31, 2004 at 2400 MST.

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What are you looking for? Any wants or suggestions?


Actual design is up to you. Go on -- milk that creative spirit of yours! :wink:


And no, the background doesn't have to be black. Lighter-coloured backgrounds tend to be better on the eyes, but both of the black-background entries posted here look good.

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I hope you guys like this.


BTW is it posible to participate more than once?



Wouldn't this cover be coping my title design? See a little resembleance? :D :ponder:


Cry Baby!!! ;) Dont Be such a sore loser!! ;)


Just Kidding there VB


But its not that much of a resemblance :D

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