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Yes, another hundred posts and another contest. Since we are so close to christmas, my contest is as follows. Besides my Atari 7800, what is my favorite toy I ever got for christmas. (hint- i got my 2600 when I broke my collarbone and not for xmas) First person to guess correctly gets to pick something from the Atariage store up to $20 (not including shipping). Contest is open to everyone.



1 - one guess per person until I say you can guess again

2 - No bitching and moaning - if you do you will not be allowed to participate in any future contests I run.



1 - I was 5 when I got this

2 - this is a rather common toy. I bet every boy had one at one time.

3 - they still make this toy

4 - it has nothing to do with video games/computers.


4 - just to give you idea of what i'm looking for - if i was a girl and my favorite toy was a barbie dream house and you guessed "barbie", thats good enough.

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