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train set



We have a winner!!!!!


When I was 5 I badly wanted a train set. We had (and still have) a train that runs through town. My dad used to take me down to watch it at least once a week. I got absolutely hooked on trains and all I wanted for xmas was my own train set.


That xmas (and this is what make this memorable), my parents had us open our stocking first. I opened mine up and there was a train made out of chocolate. Well, I started bawling thinking that this was my train set. I remember crying "i didn't want a chocolate train, i wanted a real train". Well, my parents quickly dug through all the present trying to find the one with the train set it in. Needless to say, I opened it up (still having crying) and got my train. The reason why I will never forget this is because I have to hear this story at least 4-5 times every xmas.


Thanks for everyone who entered and I will be getting in touch with the winner about the prize.

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