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2003 AtariAge Holiday GreetingCart Contest


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Wow! This is probably the best thing I've won since I won my original atari in a local contest in 1981! :)


I am very flattered to be part of this contest, and especially one of the winners. I guess that my pesonal faves to win were "Tapper" (good eye for quality, guys...) and Cpuwiz' "Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em", but lots of them were really good.


I am very anxious to fire up the cart, though this enthusiasm is somewhat tempered since I have to go back to the dentist next week because I lost a filling. That's justice for you I guess...


Thanks everybody! This was fun.

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Yeah! I won! Woo-hoo! Thanks for hand-picking one of my entries to be one of the winners! The "Tapper" one came to me in a dream, and it just seemed so perfect. Thankfully, I DJ at a bar, so setting up the shoot was easy. It took a few tries to get the beer in the glass to look "just right," and of course, we couldn't let all that booze go to waste! ;)


I love the "Plaque Attack" entry as well ... there were many other good ones... I wish the entire contest was merit-based, instead of the other five being randomly-picked. All that creativity should be rewarded!


Of course, this now means that I have FOUR Holiday carts. I had a couple of AtariAge store orders over the holidays, and my girlfriend even got one when she got some Atari stuff for me for Xmas.


Maybe I'll pick my own winners and send them my leftover carts! 8)

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While I was bummed not to snag a cart, I have to admit, if I had to pick two I liked most that weren't mine, it would come down to the two that won and the "Escape from the Mindmaster" shot--from there, it would be a tough choice! Congrats to the winners. In the meantime, this may have started a new hobby for me. I'm at a convention across the street from Disneyland this week, so I brought along Sorcerer's Apprentice to photograph in front of the Disney sign. :D

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I have to say, this was a really cool contest idea. I do wish though that all seven winners had won based on their photos, instead of just two. The other five I would have chosen would be, in order:


* Burger Time -- Anthony (I was going to do one very similar -- he beat me to it!)


* Fun With Numbers -- Tony 'Xot' Morse (I guess I'm just a sucker for a cute kid)


* Escape from the Mindmaster -- Tyler Jordan (Guess he won one anyway!)


* King Kong -- Dolt (Famous landmarks are always good)


* Super Breakout -- Chase Herman (Very punny!)


But since I've got a few spare Holiday GreetingCarts now, I'm going to make Anthony and Tony 'Xot' Morse winners too! Get in touch with me so I can send you your carts!

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