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7800 complete game list?


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hi all, trying to complete my 7800 collection and was wondering if someone could point me to the DEFINITIVE list of all released games to date. seems that every list i have looked at has a few minor differences when it comes to games...

feel free to email me at d8thstar@home.com


thanks for reading...

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Unlike the 2600 where some mysteries remain, the list of released games for the 7800 is pretty well known. As Mitch said, most 7800 cartridge lists you'll find on the web are fairly complete and accurate at this point. Here are a few links to get you started:


AtariAge 7800 Rarity List

Mitch's 7800 Page - Cart List

Andrew Krieg's Atari 7800 Cart List

Cousin Vinnie's Atari 7800 List


At this point our list only contains released games and prototypes, but we'll eventually include "rumored" games when we improve the capability to better filter our rarity lists.




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