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More Froo-Froo Updates

Cousin Vinnie

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My amazingly massive Karateka Walk Though is now up over at Panoramic Froo-Froo. I know this will help Crossbow at least get to the 3rd or 4th guy!


The reason I even did this game's walk through is becaue the one's I have seen online (and even at AtariAge) are for some other platform, and the walk throughs provided are worthless.


Also, my High Score Forum is updated, and Liquid Sky's meager Ms. Pac-Man score has been vanquished by my slightly less meager Ms. Pac-Man score...who's her pimp now? WOOOOOOO!!! I'm sure he will crush it in one try...


Anyway, my Tower Toppler contest is still on, the Atari Game Ranking Machine has been updated...and now Scrap Yard Dog ranks with the worst 7800 games of all time! Unbelieveable! There also is a new poll about your least favorite bad guy...


That is all,

Cousin Vinnie www.bigfishusa.com/7800


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