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Hehehe...they bounced along to Traffic's Dear Mr. Fantasy as well :D


One problem with the balloon...is that if it's moving from the right side, the "string" is still pointing to the right (I know, this would be impossible to account for unless you hack a disassembly to be able to flip the bytes).


Any way that you can PM me the original Jetson version? I kinda like the "after dark" vector-ish look.


Good call on the shields...I always hated those. Making them umbrellas means less to get in the way :)


BTW you can hack the game to give double-shots in all game variations by changing byte $0760 from $10 to $00 (just erase the single pixel that is there). Be careful not to change an adjacent one...since this is hacking in the program instruction itself.

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I love how RnB look and play. The only bad thing is I think you got the tank graphics off. I mean, yeah they're small. But if you stay in one spot and turn around, your tank moves around. Maybe that doesn't make sence, it moves sideways. Such as you're going up and to the right, and you clear the top of the maze, and when you turn right again to go streight right, your tank moves over and no longer clears the maze.


Anyhow, kick ass hacks. Love the Space invaders hacks too.

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Well, I'm glad that you understood what I was talking about, I went back and read it and was like "hole crap, this guy's not going to have A clue what I'm frefering to" LOL.


Wonder how hard it would be to implement the invisibal barier around a tank in combat? It is really cool though, and I think it might be cool to compile them into one game so you can burn it on a cart as it's own combat game. Like Combat Pro or something. Something I don't know about Tank AI, can you still play it two player?


I think that picks kinda cool myself, If I ever burned a cart, I'd streight sport that on the front lable. LOL

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