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the top 10 games


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Check out Cousin Vinnies list over at Cousin Vinnie's Atari 7800 Panoramic Froo-Froo , listed under The Best and Worst heading. It Pretty much relates my feelings towards the top 10. Some must haves for your new 7800 are Tower Toppler, Double Dragon, Ninja Golf (its ninjas.. and golf!), And Ballblazer. Almost all of the arcade ports are great, especially Robotron 2084. I would stay away from the sports games, I think they are sub-par. Enjoy your new 7800, now you have anohter system to drain your money away


Just remembered... COMMANDO


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[ 08-28-2001: Message edited by: liquid_sky ]

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Thanks for the nod, Liquid Sky, but also remember that this list is incomplete since I'm compiling this list through Granny Vinnie's and Crossbow's reviews, which are incomplete.


Some of the top games that we haven't reviewed yet that I think are great:



Winter Games

Desert Falcon

Ikari Warriors






PS: If you find Klax, I'll give you $13.50 for it...


Cousin Vinnie

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