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atari 2600 & colecovision High Score controller


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I've seen those before the HS-20 in BLACK. I have the HS-15 in White, it think they are essentially the same. They have the 9 pin pass-thru for the stock CV stick (to use the keypad) AND they support 2 independent fire buttons.


If you want to talk about RARE, I don't know of ANYONE else who has this Questar Colecovision Joystick (I have 2, BTW) :D 8)



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Hi MrRetroGamer.  Just saw your CV Questar controller.  You said you had two on top!!  Curious to know how good they are?  Is the joystick stiff or nice feeling when playing and how accurate is it?  I’ve been playing Ladybug with a standard controller and Atari ones.  Think I need to buy a controller from Edladdin apparently they are amazing!!

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