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Super Zaxxon

dr. kwack

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OK just out of sheer boredom I spent today making Super Zaxxon. As usual the Coleco ROM's give you absolutely nothing to work with, but here are the changes I made...


All enemies have been changed/altered to look like arcade counterparts. They have also been made smaller to make hitting them a bit (but not much) more difficult.


Gun Turrets were raised and made to look less like fishing bobbers.


Radar Towers altered slightly.


Mobots have become whatever the spiral spinning things in SZ were called.


Fuel Tanks turned into Fuel Spheres


Dodger guns made into missiles.


Enemy Ships altered.


Finally, Zaxxon has been made into the SZ Dragon. He shoots a fireball instead of a missile. You have to hit the little "x" on his shoulder three times to destroy him. I may change that to just one pixel.


A shiny penny to the person who can tell me how to "speed up" the game (like it's arcade counterpart) and add lines to the space flight sequence so it looks like it's in a tunnel instead of space.


Side note: at the end of the original Zaxxon bin file, there are two sprites of the Zaxxon Robot that don't seem to show up in the game. One is normal, the other looks like his head is on fire?!




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WOW. I mean WOW. This looks a million times better than the old crapxxon (which is a guilty pleasure of mine :D ). Really stellar work here. Great!


Two notes: You may want to go back to the solid dish radar tower, the hollow dish just kind of looked out of place with the other new graphics. Also, the Dragon looks really cool, but is still a little scattered. I would not know it was a dragon had you not told me. Any way to tighten that up a bit?


Beyond that, incredibly well done. I wouldn't be upset if this one made it to cart form.... :ponder: :)

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I looked and looked at the dragon and determined his biggest flaws were his arms. I really hate to change the face because without the eye and mouth details he looks like a Space Invader or like Winky from Venture.


Filled in the dish a'la Stan's request and also changed the dragon's weak spot from an "x" to just one dot. It's tougher to hit!


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*Wipes sweat from brow*



I turned the dragon and made him 3/4 perspective instead of facing front.

I enlarged the weak spot and it now looks like his tongue. He has pointy ears and a tail.


He went from atari frog, to teddy bear, to atari dog, to dragon. This was quite the challenge!


You have no idea how close I came to putting the Adventure dragon in there just so people would know what he was!! :lol:


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