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Tower Toppler question


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OK, I just got a Tower Toppler cart (yay!) and I plugged in into Ol' Betsy (my pet name for the 7800 that doesn't power up every time, but works great once running). So, after the title screen, the level 1 welcome screen pops up, changes to the game screen, the little submarine comes out of the water, my frog is placed on a walkway, the sub sinks, and then...the level 2 welcome screen pops up, changes to the game screen, the sub rises puts my frog on a platform, sub sinks, then level 3, and so on and so on. I have no control, and no buttons (joystick or console) do anything at all, except the power button of course. Help please, do I have a bad cart, some kind of silly prototype (ok, my wish of owning just one prototype is getting the best of me here), or is there actually no game and my cart is working correctly (not!) I suspect I have a bum cart, just wondering if anyone else has seen this before. Thanks

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There is nothing wrong with your cart, this is a normal option of the game, to choose your starting level. You must flip one of the difficulty switches next to the joystick ports to get it to stop(I forget which one, but one does nothing, so flick them both). Then hit reset and it will start you on level one like it should. This is a fantastic feature since there is no save feature on the 7800, so you can continue from the last level you were at the next time you play by flicking this switch and then flicking back when you get to the level you want to be on.

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